A lesson to remember: Do well by doing good

I hope business leaders will take note of Jennifer Comiteau’s excellent review of the potential benefits, to them and to society, of good corporate citizenship [“Do Do-Gooders Do Better?” Sept. 29].

One point she touched on merits special emphasis: the importance of a clear connection between business and beneficiary. An example is the million-dollar partnership we helped Jaguar of North America establish with the World Conservation Society to preserve and protect jaguars in the wild. The initiative, “The Driving Force to Keep Jaguars Alive,” won Jaguar the 2000 U.N. National Excellence Award and continues to bring positive results for both cat and car. Significantly, current Jaguar advertising continues to build on the connection with its fast and agile namesake.

Based on our success with Jaguar’s program, we’ve been brainstorming a possible partnership between hummingbirds and Hummer. We’re less hopeful about that one.

Hugh Hough


Green Team Advertising

New York

For the Record: The associate creative director/art director on BBDO’s new AOL ads is Ron Palumbo [Critique, Oct. 13].

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