Stacy Wall had some interesting views in his recent Visitor’s View column [Best Spots, Dec. 15]. Unfortunately, his summary of my animal theory is slightly off. (“Every animal is a dog, rat or monkey.”) Stacy’s assertion that sharks are rats is only partially correct. While many sharks are indeed rats, a few, notably the Whale Shark, are dogs.
Jelly Helm
Creative supervisor
The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

Kudos from a longtime reader regarding Debra Goldman’s “Who’s on First?” [The Consumer Republic, Nov. 24].
From my early account-executive days in the 1960s at Doyle Dane Bernbach, Los Angeles, to the present, I have fought with talented creative people over what sells. The result has been some very successful campaigns and a lot of frustration. Ms. Goldman’s column said it all so well, but let me add a thought: Talent is not the same as judgment. Too often, no one challenges the judgment of the creative people.
At any level or size of ad budget, agency creative people are the best available in their profession, but agency account people usually are not the top business or marketing people in their category. So the creative types have unchallenged confidence in their work. (And too many clients hesitate to challenge the always confident agency presenters.)
I have witnessed “captains of industry” with superb business track records being lectured by under-30 copywriters and art directors. The creatives may or may not understand how to be dramatic, but too often they do not understand what sells. The problem is, there is no one to convince them of what sells, no one to whom they will listen. So most agencies end up with more failures than need be.
Small wonder ad agencies no longer have the respect of client CEOs.
Raymond L. Coen
The Coen Co., Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Jane Carlson, executive vice president and managing partner at Wells BDDP, is the senior account manager on the Hertz account [Adweek, Jan. 12] ƒ The director for the Best Buy ad titled “Accountant Boot Camp” [Best Spots, Jan. 12] was Tom Betting ƒ Due to incorrect information provided by the production company, creative credits misidentified two people involved in the creation of a commercial for Huggies Overnites [What’s New Portfolio, Dec. 15]. John Wagner was the art director, and David Cohen the producer.

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