Two for Me. None for You
In response to “Parental Prerogative” [Letters, March 16], I would like to nominate Janet Brister for “Mom of the Year.” After all, I can’t imagine there’s any other mother who would go to the trouble of removing her family’s favorite candy bar (Twix) based on potentially negative subliminal-advertising messages.
Give us a break.
If her kids are interpreting life-shaping messages such as “don’t share” from candy-bar commercials, then it’s time to either put them into therapy or turn off the television.
In fact, if her kids are taking this TV thing too seriously, what should really concern her about the Twix spot is not the candy bar–but that her kids will tear their arms out of their sockets. Where does it stop? Isn’t Butterfinger also saying you shouldn’t share? Isn’t Barney Rubble saying it’s OK to steal (Fred’s cereal)? Aren’t the lizards saying it’s all right to kill (frogs)?
Sure, an agency has to keep an eye on not offending the target audience while searching for big ideas that will cut through the clutter. But the agency and client also has to realize there will always be the “lunatic fringe” that they’ll never be able to please. As the saying goes: “If you’re not pissing anyone off, then you’re doing something wrong.”
Congratulations to Twix and their agency on a great TV spot. And to Kit Kat for picking up Ms. Brister as a new customer. But be careful with your next campaign.
Jeff S. Johnson
The Team Inc.
Springfield, Mo.

For the Record
The Agency Report Card issue [Adweek, March 30] requires the following clarifications: Ogilvy
& Mather handles all network television and all network radio media buying for Chicago-based Sears Euro RSCG Worldwide in New York should have been listed No. 9 in the U.S.-based worldwide agency ranking, with 1997 revenues of $952 million and billings of $7 billion OgilvyOne, New York, had actual 1997 revenues of $72 million and billings of $479 million in the top 10 direct response rankings With billings of $465 million, Barry Blau & Partners in Wilton, Conn., should have been listed No. 6 in the top 10 direct response category Bronner Slosberg Humphrey in Boston had 1997 billings of $850 million Omnicom Group was incorrectly placed in the top 10 direct response rankings With 1997 revenues of $22 million, Doremus & Co., New York, came in at No. 66 in the top 100 ranking and No. 29 in the top 50 eastern agencies Barkley Evergreen & Partners, Kansas City, Mo., should have been listed No. 91 in the top 100 ranking, with 1997 revenues of $16 million Billings for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, equaled $403 million last year 1997 billings for Griffin Bacal, New York, totaled $121 million In the Newspaper Report [Adweek, April 20], the Newspaper National Network was incorrectly referred to as the National Newspaper Network.

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