Not Everyone Loves the Pets.com Sock Puppet
I’m usually not one to write to magazines, but I am shocked to see Barbara Lippert’s endorsement of the Pets.com puppet [Creative, May 1].
It surprises me to find out these spots were created by TBWA\Chiat\Day–I usually love their stuff and know many people there who rock.
Does no one care that the sock puppet is a direct rip-off of the truly inspired Conan O’Brien bit,
“Triumph–The Insult Comic Dog”? Maybe that’s why, as Ms. Lippert points out, Robert Smigel has been sued by Pets.com for making disparaging remarks about their dog sock puppet.
At any rate, it would have been nice to have the plagiarism issue raised in Ms. Lippert’s piece.
Stefan G. Bucher
Art director
344 Design, Pasadena, Calif.

The Numbers Game:
Measuring Local Audiences
Iam both puzzled and perplexed by a statement attributed to the Television Bureau of Advertising [Media Report, April 24]. Our releases, at this point in time, deal only with the audiences of our national network members and consequently include both cable delivery (the vast majority of the audience to cable networks) and the delivery of alternate distribution systems. The broadcast numbers used in our releases, in fact, also include alternative distribution audiences. Apparently, TVB has difficulty judging what is national versus what is market-by-market.
Perhaps this confusion on the part of TVB is not surprising, since they also seem confused about the need for improved audience measurement. They have yet to announce their support for the use of Peoplemeters in local markets when everyone else in the advertising community can’t wait for this to happen. Advertisers and agencies have been very vocal about their concerns regarding the quality of today’s local audience measurement.
CAB understands and supports these concerns and looks forward to the time when local Peoplemeters are in place and producing local audience information.
Joseph W. Ostrow
President, CEO
CableTelevision Advertising Bureau
New York

For the Record: In Creative [May 15], the production company for the Florida Tobacco Pilot Program’s cinema ad, “Secrets of a Tobacco Executive,” should have been listed as Villains, Beverly Hills, Calif