Henry Bloch once again is appearing in advertising, but not for the H&R Block tax preparation chain he founded.
This time, he’s seen relaxing on a Midwest Express jet in a new 30-second TV spot
for the airline. “Too bad I can’t deduct this as a home office,” Bloch says in the spot.
The campaign, created by Bender Browning Dolby & Sanderson in Chicago, broke last week in Kansas City, Mo.
In addition to Bloch, well-known Kansas City businessman Ollie Gates is featured. Gates, who serves up ribs at the Gates Barbecue Restaurant, is seen in a second spot enjoying a Midwest Express in-flight meal.
“Our aim was to capture their personalities and to show that they are as happy about what they do for a living as they are about their choice of airline,” said Randy Gaines, BBD&S associate creative director.
The spots continue with this themeline for the Milwaukee-based carrier: “The best care in the air.”
–Scott Hume