Leo Burnett Lives It Up

Living.com plays upon people’s desire to express their personalities through their furniture in Leo Burnett’s first campaign for the online retailer.
“We were trying to tap that inner decorator in everyone,” said Burnett creative director Dan Fietsam.
Six print ads and three TV spots break today for the Austin, Texas-based e-tailer. Tagged, “Your home, your decision,” each execution shows someone individualizing their furniture purchase.
In one 30-second TV spot, international track star Gail Deevers pushes a button on her computer and then stands up to face a series of love seats set up as hurdles. Another spot shows wildly excited children being corralled by a series of sofas that appear after their parents use Living.com.
“There are a lot of attributes that many of the other sites are trying to sell,” Fietsam said, listing selection, delivery and convenience as things that are inherent to dot.com offerings. “We wanted to sell more of the emotional benefits of buying furniture.”
Burnett’s “personal vision” theme sold Living.com on the Chicago-based shop in the $20 million review decided in August, said chief marketing officer Janet Mitchell.
“It’s not just about filling your space full of things; it’s about expressing your personal vision for your home,” she said.
Living.com’s online environment provides consumers with a variety of design templates and allows them to use their furniture selections as a personality extension, Mitchell said.