Legal Sea Foods “White House”

Nothing says “presidential” like the sound of the commander-in-chief slurping soup. Legal Sea Foods is hitching a ride on today’s historic inauguration with a new commercial for its clam chowder that informs viewers it “has been at every presidential inauguration since 1981.”  It’s an interesting factoid, but not one that would send me running to the chain for its 44-cent cup of chowder promotion today. The sound of slurping isn’t exactly appetizing, even when attributed to America’s most recent leaders. The spot features a single external shot of the White House, but it’s the sounds of presidents past — from Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton to George W. Bush — sucking up the chowder that drives the spot with on-screen copy that identifies each. Some slurp in short spurts, while others like Clinton savor the moment. The spot ends with President Obama savoring the soup as the company touts the brand as “The Great American Clam Chowder.” -Eleftheria Parpis