Lane Leaves Berry-Brown for DDB in Chicago Becomes Executive Producer on $600 Mil. McDonald’s Account

Berry-Brown Advertising executive creative director Greg Lane has left the Dallas shop to become executive producer on the $600 million McDonald’s account at DDB Needham Chicago.
Lane will fill an open slot at DDB. He arrives with a background as Berry-Brown’s top producer for clients such as Quaker Oats Rice Cakes, Daisy Brand Sour Cream and Hunt-Wesson’s Manwich Sauce.
Lane originally came to Berry-Brown in September 1996 as executive producer and the No. 2 creative resource under president Jim Hradecky. He later moved into Hradecky’s executive creative director role as Hradecky took on additional management duties.
“He is terrific individual with a lot of creative ideas and enthusiasm,” said Hradecky. “It’s a tremendous opportunity for him.”
Lane, recruited by DDB executive vice president and executive production director Grant Hill, said his selection was “extremely flattering. I’m still pinching myself about it, to have Grant say, ‘You’re the guy’. . . it’s a huge vote of confidence.”
“We’ve been really looking for someone to fill that spot since we returned as McDonald’s lead agency” in 1997, said Dorothy Denzler, vice president and director of public relations at DDB Needham Chicago.
Hradecky, who has reassumed the executive creative director role at Berry-Brown, said the agency has no current plans to replace Lane. Broadcast production duties will be farmed out to freelancers or handled by on-staff producer Beverly Segerlind.
Lane and Hradecky first teamed when the agency utilized Dallas production house Beaucoup Chapeaux, which Lane opened in 1995 with Lisa Dee. Both Dee and Lane were former DDB Needham Dallas staffers.
Although Lane held the executive creative director title, Hradecky said he remained active in the creative process after his management duties grew under a succession plan announced a year ago by agency chairman Bob Berry. –Glen Fest