Kirshenbaum Serves Meow Mix, Not Beer

NEW YORK Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners’ recently released 30-second Meow Mix commercial adds a plaintive human voice to the client’s long-running “Meow” jingle.

Titled “Cats Only,” the TV spot shows a man and a cat sitting in front of a television set. He decides to replace the cat’s meows with calls for “beer.” His wife then enters the scene and throws him a sardonic look. The cat chimes in with the traditional Meow Mix jingle, jumps up into the woman’s arms and receives its Meow Mix. The husband, naturally, is left to fend for himself and get his own can of beer.

The New York agency’s spot has been airing nationally since April 25 on broadcast networks ABC, NBC and CBS and on cable channels such as USA and Lifetime.