KB&P Goes ‘Further’

Marketplace clutter has prompted Citibank to reposition its AAdvantage card as a means to “take you further.”
The first print ad in a new $10 million campaign from Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners features a 30-something man wading knee-deep in a remote lake, fly-fishing. “Sometimes, the further we go from civilization, the more civilized we become,” the copy reads. The new tagline is, “Miles that take you further.” It’s a reference to the remote reach of airlines and hotels affiliated with the card as well as the broadened perspective that comes from traveling, said Richard Kirshenbaum, the New York shop’s chief creative officer.
The campaign, which breaks in September, includes direct mail and a 60-second in-flight video. The video juxtaposes images of a man walking up the steps of ancient ruins and across a desert with captions such as, “Can one mile take you back 2,000 years?”
Launched in 1987, American Airlines’ AAdvantage now competes with more than a dozen airline cards, including those offered by American Express (Delta SkyMiles) and Chase (Continental OnePass). As such, its ads needed to distinguish the brand, namely by pointing out the “breadth of the ground and air partners and the multiple ways you can redeem miles,” said Susan Darvin, the client’s vice president of advertising.
The new ads close the book on the Effie-winning “Or was it the miles?” campaign, which began in 1994 with the image of a wedding ring and the question, “Was it love?”