It was more business than politics that led business-document Web site Mimeo.com to tweak Al Gore in a full-page center-spread ad in last week’s Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
The print ad, first in a series and part of a $20 million yearlong campaign from The Martin Agency for its Memphis, Tenn., client, reads, “Thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet.”
It references the presidential candidate’s foot-in-mouth comment last year that he invented the Internet.
“It’s a clever way to break through the advertising clutter,” said Mimeo.com vice president of marketing Robert Miller. “There’s nothing political going on here.”
“We wanted to put the spotlight on the company in a big way and figured this would do it,” said the Richmond, Va., shop’s associate creative director, Rob Shapiro. “We’re apolitical. This is all meant [to be] tongue-in-cheek.”
“They’ll thank Al Gore even more after he’s been elected president,” said Kathleen Begala, communications director for the Gore campaign in Nashville, Tenn. –T.W. Sieber