Just Asking

I haven’t yet, but I certainly would. I’m into games now. [Rich] Silverstein and I downloaded a racing game one day. It cost about $3 to do, but it was hilarious. —Jeff Goodby, co-chairman, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

The screen looks great and beautiful and sharp, but I think it’s too small for an entire TV show. … It’s easy to download Lost, but things actually need to be directed differently to accommodate such a small medium— more close ups, more attention to detail. —I’ve never downloaded a TV show to watch on an iPod, but I would consider it if there were a show starring Bob Scarpelli. Especially if there was some kung fu involved. —Portable, downloadable video is already here—on your phone, on your PDA and on your media player. I love downloading episodes of Battlestar Galactica to my video iPod. I would. I don’t get time to watch TV shows. I’m not into TiVo. I like HBO on Demand and lots of sports. I would love to download Entourage and watch those episodes. Our agency created the Howard Stern/Sirius ads of a male organ formed by stars, and we downloaded it to Treo to see what the image quality would translate.

I would absolutely do it, but I haven’t yet. It would be very cool. I just don’t have the new iPod to do it yet. Mine is old.