Just Asking

In 1999, I did an ad for E*Trade with Saddam Hussein trying to blow up New York and Washington, D.C. It seemed funny at the time. On our most recent camapign for Airstream (which encouraged people to treat themselves on days off), we got corrected by a couple of math teachers that we didn’t give people enough days off. Apparently, we get more days off a year than we had counted. [The airstream ad said people get 119 days off; in actuality, according to the math teachers, they get 127.] Of course, we think anyone who’s spending time adding up numbers in an ad really needs an Airstream. We were pitching one of the major international delivery companies, and I presented an idea for an ad that had the company’s female pilots standing in a group with the headline, “These chicks can really fly.” It was met with total silence. We won the account, but the chicks didn’t fly.”This has to do more with a pitch than a produced campaign, but during a pitch for a major bank I had to stand on the conference room table and sing “Tomorrow” from Annie with new lyrics extolling free checking and great service. It was an out-of-body experience for everyone around the table. I think we were eliminated before I hit the “bet your bottom dollar” stanza.