Just Asking

I see Wil Boudreau [BBDO svp, cd] & myself in a buddy cooking/action movie in which we pursue the Aflac duck, catch him and prepare him a variety of ways. The movie would be called Duckboys. And just prior to its release, we promote it on Donny Deutsch’s Big Idea. Our segment would include a live preparation of canard à l’orange but with the surprise ending of a giblet raspberry barolo reduction. —Charlie Miesmer, vice chairman, senior executive creative director, BBDO in New York

Jared from Subway in Super Size Me II. He could be really big. —David Oakley, co-creative director, Boone/Oakley in Charlotte, N.C.

I would like to see Sprite Boy, [a little sprite with a green hat from 1940s ads] in a Sophia Coppola movie because—as Jeff Williams at Wieden + Kennedy always said—Sprite Boy was cool, and he never got his moment of glory. We always thought he was underappreciated. —Evelyn Neill, president of creative, Doremus in New York

I’d like to see Little Caesar in a remake of Cleopatra. I’d also love to see the Doublemint twins play a cameo in Old School 2. —David Angelo, chairman, chief creative officer, davidandgoliath in Los Angeles

I think we’d all like to see the Hamburger Helper hand. He’s like a young Jude Law—well, minus the arms, legs, body. He does so much with so little. But oh, those eyes! They are devastating. —David Rosen, svp, group creative director, Deutsch in New York

I’d like to see the California Raisins in a remake of Cocoon. It would be cool to see them turn into grapes and lollygag around with Steve Guttenberg. —Scott Cohn, creative director at Night Agency in New York