JSM+ Colors New Canon Printer

Plunging from a cliff into a dried-up lake isn’t the best idea. But with Canon, it’s safe—at least on paper.

The company’s new S600 printer is the focus of a multi tiered campaign from JSM+ Communications, Santa Monica, Calif. The $20 million push, breaking this week, is the biggest ever undertaken by the agency, which was established by Dentsu Corp. in 1992 to service Canon’s printer division.

The focus of the campaign, which includes print and TV as well as a contest, is on the printer’s individual ink tanks, which allow users to replace colors without having to toss the entire cartridge. “We honed in on one specific attribute of the product and brought it to life,” said JSM+ evp Jim Sieminski.

JSM+ produced just one TV spot for the “Out of the Blue” campaign. It shows a woman in a bathing suit diving from a cliff into a dry lake. The dive is set against a brilliant skyscape and mountain range. With the insertion of a blue ink tank, water appears in time for a safe splashdown.

“The commercial captured the key feature,” said Sherri Snelling, senior ad manager at Canon. “The image carried the idea of our heritage and a leap into new technology.”

“We’re trying to make a dramatic statement,” said Mark Patton, evp and creative director at JSM+. “We tried to load it up with as much eye candy as we possibly could.”

To get the effect, JSM+ had U.S. Olympic trampolinist Christy Hayes dive from a 70-foot crane in a parking lot. It then placed the image against California’s Cuddyback Dry Lake. The spot is tagged “Technology that makes sense,” and uses sounds of a Himalayan lyricist.

A teaser in USA Today several weeks ago touted a giveaway on Canon’s Web site that was also developed by JSM+. A similar print ad complementing the S600 spot will run in Time, People, Rolling Stone and elsewhere.

Other Canon products will be featured in print ads appearing in photography publications.