Johnnie Walker “The Walk”

Bartle Bogle Hegarty recently unveiled a new Johnnie Walker ad starring Robert Carlyle that has been making creatives around the globe more than a little jealous. Not only has the London agency managed to yet again produce what is sure to be an award winner, it has done so without all the fancy embellishments often used to prop up and mask a thin concept. The five-and-half-minute tale detailing the journey of “The Man Who Walked Around The World” is truly a masterful production that demonstrates some agencies still know how to make a brilliant commercial with impeccable craftsmanship and storytelling skill and still manage to cram in enough product points to make any brand manager happy. (Adfreak’s David Kiefaber has already hailed it as possibly the best ad of the year: Listening to a five-minute-plus monologue about the life of a whiskey brand is surprisingly enthralling thanks to Carlyle’s elegant delivery and the creative team’s restraint, including director Jamie Rafn of HLA, London, who captured the walk in one take. Props such as barrels on the side of the road accentuate key moments in the script and keep the pace moving along. –-Eleftheria Parpis