Job Hopping

For all the talk of modern American employees as rootless free agents, lots of them seem inclined to stick around for the gold watch. In a poll fielded in December for Accenture, 55 percent of workers said they plan to stay at their jobs for at least 10 years. This suggests, among other things, that workers don’t expect their jobs to disappear into a global-economy black hole. Indeed, just 11 percent of the 500-plus full-time workers surveyed by International Communications Research said they think the positions they now hold won’t exist in five to 10 years. Forty percent hope they won’t be around to find out, though, as they plan to leave their jobs within five years. Still, plans can change. The chart indicates some factors that might dissuade people from quitting. Their desire for improved training might be the most fanciful of these wishes. Just over half of the workers said their employers “are not providing training to expand their skills.”