It’s About Times

Client promotion and self-promotion sometimes go hand in hand.
DDB Needham’s Los Angeles office recently broke two new campaigns: one for the Los Angeles Times, and another, running in the Times, promoting itself.
A 30-second TV spot (shown here) broke earlier this month introducing the newspaper’s new Southern California Living section. A little girl who has been sent to her room for a “time-out” tells the camera and her teddy bear that her mother should be given a “time-out” too. The spot cuts to show the mom enjoying her “time-out” with the Times. Outdoor ads break next month.
Separately, the first of several new print ads promoting the agency ran in the Times’ Business section earlier this month. Copy reads, “According to most research, you’re not reading this ad.” Further text explains how DDB Needham gets consumers to pay more attention to clients’ ads. The ad refers readers to the agency’s president, Dave Park, and gives
its phone number and e-mail address.
–Teresa Buyikian