IQ News: and Universal Team Up for Rocky and Bullwinkle Campaign

Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha have a chance to cavort across the screens of children nationwide as partners with Universal Pictures to publicize its upcoming film Rocky and Bullwinkle.
The partnership was announced today by San Francisco-based, an Internet service focusing on the 2- to-12-year-old set. It will involve ads featuring a trailer from the movie, which opens June 30. YOW, which stands for “Your Own World,” is a stand-alone software program that downloads selected information from the Internet for children, displaying it on a simplified browser.
When children click on the Rocky and Bullwinkle banner ad, the screen goes dark and a large pop-up screen appears. The trailer plays for two-and-a-half-minutes in rich media format.
“Because YOW’s content is pre-loaded, you get the speed and performance of a CD-ROM with no Internet wait time,” said Brian Pass, CEO of
Advertisers can target by age, gender and geographic location, which YOW collects in aggregate. The company’s core audience is youngsters, but their parents will also see the ads when clicking on pages that report on their children’s online activities.
“Our clickthroughs range from 2 percent to 20 percent,” said Pass. The company charges on CPM.
Pass conceived the idea of YOW because his own children were frustrated with the Web. “Kids expect things to work the way they do with TV or CD-ROMs. If it doesn’t work the minute you click, they think it’s broken.”
To use the service, parents and children decide to which of several channels they will subscribe. Channels include Time for Kids, Sports Illustrated For Kids and
“YOW’s rich media and targeting capabilities allow us to run movie trailers seamlessly to reach our target group, kids 6 to 12 and their parents,” said Elana Elias, online media planner for Universal Pictures.