IQ News: Sony Has The Answer – Sports Jeopardy! Online

The Answer: Basketplayer Shaquille O’Neal earned a one-game suspension and a $10,000 fine for slapping this player to the ground just before the season opener.
The Question: Who is Greg Ostertag?
If that A&Q caught your eye, you may have even more to look forward to. Wired sports trivia fans soon will have a stickier reason to stay online when New York-based Sony Online Entertainment launches its Sports Jeopardy! interactive game on Oct. 5. The online quiz show, an all-sports version of the off- and online answer/question show Jeopardy!, will be accessible through SOE’s main entertainment supersite, The Station, at, as well as via
The NewYork-based Internet ventures unit of sports media company ESPN will be an at-launch promotion partner for the online game.
“When you add up’s 6.2 million unique users every month with our 4 million registered users, you’re talking about a very powerful audience to leverage on this product,” said Chris Tice, senior vice president of marketing and advertising at SOE. According to Tice, the new Sports Jeopardy! show will attract an audience of men age 24 to 49, a demographic that has proven to be a loyal customer base.
Both Sony and ESPN will drive traffic to Sports Jeopardy! through a variety of online and offline vehicles, including on-air spots through ESPN’s cable and radio networks, Web promotion through and, as well as a presence at sporting events nationwide.
“One of the reasons we wanted to do this with ESPN, and why they were so excited about this, was that ESPN is the number one sports site and has a variety of offline marketing opportunities,” said Tice.
Sports Jeopardy! will work very similarly with the online version of the classic Jeopardy! game show, only with “a look and feel that represents more of a sports-related game, so you’ll see a lot of sports icons, [team] colors, the logos,” said Tice. “Anyone who’s interested in and loves sports should have a lot of fun playing this game.”
According to Tice, the Internet is a good way to reach sports fans because so many of them can access information and entertainment online. “What we’ve seen is that this particular demographic loves to go online to interact with sports brands and loves to test their knowledge about sports,” claimed Tice. “So they’re online all of the time.”
Sports Jeopardy! is the latest edition in a growing portfolio of online diversions at Sony Online Entertainment, including Wheel of Fortune online and Jeopardy 2001, for high-tech consumers.
“We found that Jeopardy! is such a beloved and popular online game. As we launch new and unique versions for different demographics, there’s a tremendous user support, and advertiser support as well,” added Tice.