IQ News: Factpoint to Offer Web

Content Certification
Today marks the official launch of Factpoint, a Burlington, Mass.-based firm which in June will offer what it dubs the Content Certification Suite, a software product that helps companies automate their content creation and Web uploading process, and detects tampering.
According to chief executive and chief technology officer Jothy Rosenberg, once a Web document is created, such as a press release or a product description, it is automatically routed to the people who need to approve or edit the work. Changes are tracked, to establish accountability.
Once posted online, content is embedded with Factpoint’s logo, an orange mirror image of the ubiquitous ” ” sign, indicating that the content is the final, approved version. When a consumer clicks on the sign, a digital certificate appears listing the who, what, where and when of the document. If a flashing red warning appears, the document has been altered.
Uses can span unlimited industries, says Rosenberg, from corporations like General Motors, now alpha testing the product, who want to automate complex content flow, to e-commerce sites who want accountability when prices are posted incorrectly.
Factpoint vice president of marketing Rod Hodgman says Bloomberg is considering signing on after a wayward PairGain employee duplicated a Bloomberg page to post false reports that sent PairGain stock soaring. News sites could post the Factpoint logo as a service to users to ensure unaltered content. Pages not bearing the mark would be easily identified as fraudulent. ƒ