IQ News: DoubleClick Positions For E-Commerce Growth

Ad network DoubleClick today launches DoubleClick Shopping, offering targeted advertising and a new syndicated store to e-commerce clients. DoubleClick hopes to capture the ad dollars e-retailers now spend on portal buys by touting its network of sites as a means to accurately target customers, said e-commerce director Kelly Freeman.
DoubleClick is gearing for what Jupiter Communications says will be 61 million consumers shopping online by 2002.
Clients who subscribe to DoubleClick Shopping choose between the shopping and services program or a syndicated store. The services option offers banners and “reach buttons,” which feature merchant graphics. Advertisers also can embed messages in the direct e-mail offered by DoubleClick clients, such as
The New York-based company also has created a new services box, which serves four text links of different merchants and a graphic through the Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting ad management system, allowing them to select a category or specific demographics. Users click to a mini-shopping area, the syndicated store, which includes advertising sold by DoubleClick and customized shopping content from commerce and content aggregator, New York.
Commerce companies can subscribe to the syndicated store alone. Packages will be available in four to six weeks, with advertisers paying a flat fee each quarter., Las Vegas, and an unidentified financial holding company have already signed multimillion-dollar advertising deals over several years. ƒ