Interest-Rate Woes

Investors turned good news into bad last week as a strong jobs report only increased concerns that the Federal Reserve might hike interest rates. The Labor Department on Friday said the U.S. added 215,000 new jobs in November. Other indicators, like a 4.3 percent increase in the nation’s gross domestic product, led some to fear that the economy is growing too quickly and that the Fed may step in to slow things down. The Dow finished the week down 38.23 points to close at 10,877.51, a 0.3 percent drop. The Nasdaq closed at 2,273.37, up 9.82 points (0.4 percent). Advertising stocks ended the week mixed. Omnicom closed at 85.44, up 2.91 points (3.5 percent), while Interpublic Group fell 0.41 points to close at 9.34, a 4.2 percent drop. WPP Group, trading as American Depository Receipts, closed at 50.10, up 0.66 points (1.3 percent).