Interactive Company Uses Poster Kiosks To Target Young Customers Where They Shop

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–2d Interactive has discovered a new way to get kids to pay attention to advertisers.

The 2-year-old Boston company has penetrated the youth market with PosterCruiser, an interactive kiosk that turns contemporary images into posters, available instantly. After striking a deal with Coconuts Music & Movies Store to install the PosterCruiser in five stores, the company has arranged to place kiosks in 120 retail outlets nationwide, including Cybersmith Cafes and Follett Bookstores.

Wih a touch of the screen, consumers can choose to look at one of 36 print ads, listen to a music video or watch a movie trailer or a TV commercial. The ad can can then be purchased in the form of a poster kept in the lower half of the kiosk. One of the best-selling images is a Porsche ad showing a head-on view of a black car with the caption ‘Kills bugs fast.’

‘We’ve taken a young, elusive audience and approached them on their own terms,’ explained president Dominic Ianno, who founded the company with Greg Baldwin, Mitch Fournier and Rick Weiler. Ianno formulated the idea for the company as a Carnegie Mellon undergraduate while ripping ads out of magazines to display on his walls.

His company employs a staff of 20, including sales representatives in Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago. Clients such as Altoids, Coca-Cola, Apple Computers, Eastpak and Porsche sign on for a minimum of three months to display their ads, while retailers pay for the posters. 2d avoids cigarette and liquor advertisements because of its young audience.

‘College kids and young adults are so like ‘Don’t advertise to me,’ ‘ Ianno said. ‘And we’ve found a way to break through that.’

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