Hummer “The Open”

Fly fishing. Kite surfing. Mountain climbing. Whatever the outdoor sport, the new Hummer pickup can get you there. That’s the message behind Modernista!’s new commercial introducing the H3T. We don’t need a full minute to get the idea, but the spot uses shot after shot of enthusiasts unloading all kinds of equipment — from a surfboard to a motocross bike — to make its point. The spot is a study in contrasts. A slow, quiet buildup with just some truck and nature sounds gives way to what sounds like a stomping group of adrenaline-fueled outdoor rowdies out for some surf and fun. That boisterousness accompanies the image of a single surfer heading toward the waves. Cut to a calm beach image and onscreen copy: “Welcome to the open.” A voiceover extols the vehicle’s versatility. It’s quite a long journey that meanders a bit. However, without the confusing crescendo, it would be just another SUV spot. –Eleftheria Parpis