How now, Rugged Cow?

Tough cows might not sound like “good eatin’,” but Pagano Schenck & Kay recently launched business-to-business ads on behalf of Waitsfield, Vt., cattle ranch Floodwoods Farm to convince butchers and other potential buyers that its Belted Galloways are not only rugged but tasty.
The ads promote the farm’s “survival of the fittest” farming method, characterized by a lack of heated barns, allowing only the hardiest cows to survive. They feature the tagline, “Rugged cows. Good eatin’.”
In developing the ads, Boston agency PSK was careful to stay away from the word “tough” to describe the cows, since people might assume that the meat does not taste good, said copywriter David Register.
Four ads feature messages such as “Compared to other breeds, fewer of our cows die of natural causes. Unless hungry humans count as a natural cause” and “Their shaggy overcoats allow them to stay leaner in the winter. And thanks to this miracle of adaptation, we get tasty steaks.” Ads will run in Farming magazine’s New England and New York editions through next month, and are also being used in direct mail pieces.–Rebecca Flass