Honda Ads Target African Americans, Hispanics

New Spots Launched This Week Boost Latest Accord, Civic Models
LOS ANGELES-American Honda Motor Co. targets African American and Hispanic consumers in separate new campaigns.
A broadcast and print campaign, backed by approximately $10 million in media buys, introduces the 1998 Honda Accord to African American consumers this week. The 30-second TV spot, created by Muse Cordero Chen in Los Angeles, airs in major markets around the country and on Black Entertainment Television.
Print ads will run in African American general interest magazines, including Ebony, Essence and VIBE.
Both the TV spot and print ad show the Accord’s features, illuminated by street lamps. The ads share the same tag as the general market campaign: “An Accord like no other.”
Also breaking this week is an estimated $6 million campaign aimed at Hispanics. La Agencia de Orc’ launches three commercials targeting specific Hispanic segments.
“We’ve really hit our stride with the Civic,” said Norma Orc’, the Los Angeles agency’s chief creative officer. “We’ve segmented the market in a way that allows us to address young Hispanics differently.”
Ads for the Civic coupe are primarily aimed at single Hispanic consumers who want a sporty car. A 30-second spot uses Tito Puentes’ classic “Oye Coma Va” with quick cuts and varying camera angles. The tag translates to “And You? How’s it going?”
The Civic sedan, though, is aimed at young Hispanic families, with ads touting roominess and the car’s importance to the family.
An ad for the redesigned Accord targets upper middle-class Hispanics, with beauty shots of the vehicle set in the desert.