Holland Mark Means Business

Holland Mark Advertising takes unexpected creative approaches in separate image campaigns for Persumma Financial and Teradyne.

In each case, the Boston agency presents novel scenarios and offbeat visuals in an effort to make an impact in the increasingly complex arenas of online financial services and business electronics. Rather than inundate the audience with detailed corporate or product information, each campaign attempts to make a few simple points about respective clients and their services, said Bob Minihan, chief creative officer of Holland Mark.

Persumma spending is expected to be about $10 million; Teradyne spending will likely be in the $5 million range.

To introduce Persumma, a unit of MassMutual Financial Group that provides Web-based 401(k) account services and planning, images of psychotherapy and mass marriage are employed in a campaign that mixes a consumer focus and business sell. Print executions propose the question, “What if all professionals worked like your 401(k) pro-vider?”and charged hidden administrative fees. One ad shows an analyst working with five patients; another depicts several couples at the altar. Text continues, “It’s your retirement and we treat it that way,” closing with the line, “It’s your future.”

Holland added Newton, Mass.-based Persumma in October. Print, direct and online efforts have been crafted, the latter in concert with idstudios, the interactive and direct marketing unit of Holland Mark.

Ads for Teradyne, a supplier of test equipment for the electronics industry, use moody black-and-white photography and “Heretical” headlines to capture readers’ attention. Holland Mark added Teradyne in late 1999 through its purchase of crosstown shop Ingalls.

“Wireless technology is doomed” and “The information revolution will come to a screeching halt” are two of the headlines Holland Mark has fashioned for Teradyne. Ads strive to articulate Teradyne’s corporate position and educate audiences about the categories in which the company competes, said Chris Dimmock, brand director for Holland Mark.