Highway One Promoting Netcentives

Shop online and go places, because if you don’t, you’re stupid.
That’s the message behind a new campaign from Highway One for Netcentives, a leading provider of loyalty, direct marketing and promotional products designed to drive e-commerce.
“We want people to view Netcentives’ ClickRewards site as the most rewarding place to shop online,” said Lin Andrews, account director at the San Francisco agency.
The effort, the agency’s first for the client since picking up the $5-10 million account earlier this year, promotes Netcentives’ ClickRewards program. The service allows consumers to earn frequent flier miles by making purchases online. Participating companies include Gap, E*Trade and PlanetRx.
The campaign includes print, radio and online executions. Radio spots will air in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.
The tagline is, “ClickRewards. Shop online. Get miles. Go places.”
Radio executions feature scenarios about people who can’t be forgiven by others for not taking advantage of earning free miles through ClickRewards. In one spot, a man is trying to break some bad news to his wife. Thinking it’s about the lipstick she found on his collar, she says, “That’s OK. I’m sure I have that shade.” However, when she hears he hasn’t been earning free miles online, she becomes angry.
Outdoor work features images of computer screen windows with text such as, “Man buys binoculars to see girlfriend.” Of course, the implied message is that he’s working toward a free airline ticket to visit her.