Hefty “Carnival”

In a saner world, we’d have the luxury of feeling annoyed when a commercial finds a new way of chanting “Hefty, Hefty, Hefty” at us. As things stand, though, the very familiarity of that old trash-bag mantra makes it somehow comforting amid the volatility of the world at large. Anyhow, heaven help me, but I didn’t mind encountering it in this new spot (via Campbell Mithun) featuring the bags’ Unscented Odor Block technology. A visual that mimics the look of a carnival’s shooting gallery — at least, I think that’s what it’s supposed to evoke — gives ample opportunity to show the Hefty bags disposing of potentially stinky bits of garbage and subduing “the stinkies.” (Maybe brand research has identified carnies as an underserved target market for the trash-bag category.) In this context, the repeated cry of “Hefty!” comes across as a kind of carnival-barker flourish. As such, some viewers will be more forgiving of the spot’s in-your-face noisiness than they otherwise might be. —Mark Dolliver