Healthy Choice “Deal Breaker”

A few commercials into Nitro’s first work for Healthy Choice, a deadpan series of spots starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a reluctant spokesperson, it becomes clear that the real star of this campaign is the man behind the camera, the comedic genius Christopher Guest. His brand of oddball humor doesn’t have the mass appeal that draws the kinds of I Love You Man audiences, but boy does he have a great ensemble of loyal character actors that make even his commercials a joy to watch. Here, Don Lake is cast as Louis-Dreyfus’ ineffective agent, who in one spot hardly bothers to push the actress into taking the ad gig and instead leaves her pitching herself instead. In this spot, the actress sloppily scarfs down Asian pot stickers in the company of Jane Lynch, another Guest regular. The exchange is all about whether or not she takes the spokesperson role, and Lynch turns to the obvious, Dreyfus’ unappetizing, open-mouthed chewing. She warns her that she shouldn’t eat on camera, asking her if she’s ever seen a dog eating peanut butter, or even better, “when a cow chews cud.” The resistant star as advertising spokesperson has been done before, most recently with lackluster results by Conan O’Brien and Bud Light. Still Louis-Dreyfus is a great comedic actress and that might just be enough (even to those who don’t pick up on Guest’s involvement) to make some nauseated viewers overlook the mouth mess that drives the humor in this spot. –Eleftheria Parpis