Healthcare Debate Helps Fill Ad Void

These may be the dog days of summer for TV and radio advertising, but there’s nothing sleepy about the increasing number of spots populating the nation’s airwaves as part of the ongoing healthcare debate.

According to an analysis from Media Monitors, PhRMA & Families USA ran 6,537 spots on TV and cable in support of healthcare reform between July 1 and Aug. 4. Most of the spots (6,260) ran on cable’s Fox News and CNN. Another 277 spots ran on TV stations in Washington, D.C., with the exception of one flight in New Orleans.

In opposition to the current plans under consideration by Congress, American for Prosperity ran 1,536 ads. Cable got the lion’s share with 986 ads running on Lifetime, Fox News, CNN, Discovery and USA. The organization placed 508 spots on local TV stations in Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Norfolk, Va., and St. Louis, and 42 ads on radio stations in St. Louis.

Both political parties are also placing ads. The Democratic National Committee ran 137 spots on CNN and Fox News. Relying exclusively on radio, the Republican National Committee ran 465 ads.

Nielsen Business Media