Having A Gas With Additives

Gasoline additives aren’t the most thrilling products, so any attempt to sell them had better be entertaining. Minneapolis agency Cevette & Co. is hoping its new animated “spokesorgan,” Larry the Lung, will hold consumers’ attention.
Larry is appearing in two TV spots for The Minnesota Corn Growers Association, which is trying to ease fears over changes in Minnesota’s fuel laws requiring gasoline to contain an oxygenate.
If that sounds overly serious, Cevette’s spots aren’t. They begin with a catchy jingle, sung over grainy photos that recall educational films of the 1950s. Larry touts the health and environmental benefits of ethanol, explaining, for example, that “five out of five doctors recommend clean air for their patients who breathe.”
Cevette staffers insist there’s method to the creative madness. They say the retro look subtly shows that the corn-based fuel additive has been around, and been used, for years.
The agency will soon offer a complete line of lung merchandise, and a foam rubber Larry will appear at Twin Cities sporting events.
– Aaron Baar