Halls “College”

An inappropriate attraction develops between a mother and her college son’s roommate over a shared “surprisingly mouth-watering” Halls “Refresh.” And lucky viewers get to hear their inner thoughts as they stare at each other and slosh the candy around in their mouths. Not that the dialogue gets overly sexual. And the casting and wardrobe made sure neither of them look sexy. That would have taken the “New! Advanced Moisture Action” too close to taboos any sensible candy marketer would sour on. Instead, we hear mom ruminate on how nice her son’s roommate is to share. The guy’s musings consist of sound-bites like, “Yeah, she likes it.” You know this spot would never have been produced if the older person in the equation was a man, but that’s just part of the problem. Maybe the young male target will better appreciate it, but this “edgy” pitch for Halls feels  ill fitted to the brand. Can’t see either generation finding it appealing. Does it get its point across? Sure. But is swimming in saliva really a selling point?.–Eleftheria Parpis