Hall Forms Firehouse in Dallas

Firehouse has opened here with more than $5 million in billings and initial clients including Dr Pepper, 7-Up, Emerson Energy Systemsand Nokia.

The promotions agency is the reincarnation of Troop, a former collective of freelance account executives and creatives headed by founder Mark Hall.

Hall decided to acquire permanent staff and office space—and a new name—after operating the enterprise out of a room in his suburban Dallas home for several years.

“The magnitude of the assignments was increasing,” Hall said. “The more I got into it the more I wanted to do better and neater stuff. And there is a fine line between promising you can do something [and] having the known capacity to do what you say you can do. That was the breaking point.”

Hall struck out on his own in 1996 after the leaving Latitude, a promotions division of The Richards Group in Dallas. Now his 13-person agency handles major projects such as quarterly promotions for Nokia mobile phones. The events often involve 40-50 Nokia retailers representing 300-500 stores.

“Dallas has got more advertising agencies than dry cleaners,” Hall said. “It doesn’t need another five- to 10-person ad agency. I think there’s a huge opportunity for promotions in this arena—more than if we had gone around trying to take the table scraps of Square One, The Richards Group and Temerlin.”

“We are committed to becoming the premier promotional marketing resource in the Southwest,” Hall told Adweek.