Grounded In Space

Decker’s newest client is beyond international: It’s interplanetary. The NASA Commercial Space Center for Medical Informatics, a new facility at the Yale School of Medicine, has hired the Glastonbury, Conn.-based shop to promote its futuristic approach to healthcare and science.
The center is developing robots that could perform surgery on astronauts when they are millions of miles from the nearest hospital. Also under development is a sensor the size of a cigarette pack that would be able to take ultrasound images and send them to a doctor several states away.
Science fiction? It may sound like that now, but it will be reality in 15-20 years, insists Decker president and chief executive officer Craig Cheyne.
Decker’s assignment is to name the center, create its logo and embark on a public relations campaign to articulate its mission, Cheyne said. The shop will also help solicit potential partners and customers.
“It’s not a pipe dream,” Cheyne said. “[The center is] going to change the way healthcare is delivered in the next era of medicine.” –Sarah Jones