Ground Zero Kicks Off ESPN Ads

With college-foot ball season fast approaching, new commercials created by Ground Zero for ESPN’s traveling road show GameDay are meant to capture the madcap atmosphere at a campus during kickoff time.

The seven spots from the Marina del Rey, Calif., agency feature the show’s announcers and some very passionate sports fans. The idea is to emphasize that ESPN produces the pregame show live from a different college each week, said shop copywriter Kristina Slade.

“We wanted to tap into that passion and show that this is the only college pregame show that actually travels from campus to campus,” she said.

In one execution, GameDay’s Chris Fowler is accosted by a student at a pregame buffet; the student is painted gold and dressed like an old-time football player. When the kid strikes the Heisman Trophy pose, he is immediately tackled, prompting Fowler to wince and say, “Ouch.”

Another spot shows a mob of fans carrying a goalpost down the street until they smash a car window. Announcer Lee Corso backs a golf cart into the same car as he tries to flee the scene. “We’re got to keep Lee locked up in the trailer,” announcer Kirk Herb streit says to Fowler as they watch.

“These spots capture the way we relate to our fans, and they really show that there is nothing like ESPN’s GameDay,” said client director of advertising Spence Kra mer.

The work will run through the college-football season. Print is ap pearing in ESPN The Magazine.