got sugar?

They’ve already come up with “Got milk?” oven mitts, “Got milk?” wrapping paper, even a “Got milk?” cookbook. Now comes this sweet bit of news: The California Milk Processor Board is marketing a line of “Got milk?” candies.

Beginning in late August, Got Milk? Caramels will start popping up in the candy aisles of supermarkets.

Although the candies are fortified with calcium and iron, they also contain high amounts of corn syrup and sugar. Is this a milk product that may not do a body good? What gives?

Jeff Manning, CMPB executive director, says, “If people are going to eat candy and cookies anyway, it would be better for them to eat a candy with milk in it.”

The soft and chewy treats are offered in three varieties: original caramel, chocolate and strawberry. On the front of each 5.8-ounce package is the image of a large caramel candy plunging into a refreshing glass of milk.

And this, of course, begs another question: Are the “Got milk?” candies as great for dunking as, say, Oreo cookies? Manning suggests perhaps not. “I’m not sure I’d dunk a candy,” he admits.