Google Slashes Analytics Price

NEW YORK Google said it has cut the price of its recently acquired Urchin Web analytics software by 60 percent.

Users of Urchin’s hosted Web analytics service will now be charged $199 per month, down from the $495 paid when Google bought Urchin a little more than a month ago. The software lets Web site owners see how their marketing campaigns perform and where users go on their sites.

Web analytics tools have been used by large retailers to manage their online advertising, recording Web site behavior beyond sales, such as downloads of white papers and store lookups. Google said the price cut would make such tools available to marketers of all sizes.

Google said Urchin users could now import the results from their Google campaigns to compare the return versus other ad campaigns. Google also upped the number of sites the software can track from one to 50, with a maximum of 100,000 page views. For another $99 per month, users can increase that to 1 million pages.

The price decrease follows a Google pattern after acquiring software tools. The Mountain View, Calif., company began giving away Picassa, a photo-sharing service that was a subscription product when it was bought, and it significantly cut the price of Keyhole, a digital-mapping software, after it was acquired.