goal reached, Crowns cleared

In what turned out to be a rare blend of successful management ploy and outrageous publicity stunt, four top executives at the Innis Maggiore Group in Canton, Ohio, had their heads shaved to celebrate reaching a monthly billings goal.

At an agency retreat in January, the shop’s managing principals agreed to go hairless if monthly billings topped $1.3 million. “We made it realistic, but it was a bit of a stretch,” said Dick Maggiore, president.

October proved a good month, depending on your point of view. “The vice president of administration walked in and put the paper on my desk,” Maggiore said. “The first thing I did was call my barber.”

He kept the news quiet and most staff didn’t know what was up until an agencywide meeting when barber Andy Dasco showed up, put aprons on Maggiore, Tom Merrill, Jeff Monter and Dan Pecchia and started clipping. “There was a roar,” Maggiore said.

Some of the executives, of course, sacrificed more than others. “Two of us had plenty of hair, two others not so much,” Maggiore said.

The bald executives are still mulling the carrot for 2001.