Go Figure


Birthday that Madonna celebrated last month by falling off her horse and injuring herself. It seems that the Material Girl is not suffering any material losses as a result, however: Her condition did not prevent her from shooting a TV spot in Surrey, England, last week for Motorola. One eyewitness at the shoot told the World Entertainment News Network: “She was wearing a tight-fitting black suit. Her arm was still in a sling, and she is having to take painkillers, but she looked well considering.” The ad promotes Motorola’s phone with a built-in iPod, which is due out soon (possibly this week—Apple has scheduled a press conference for Wednesday). The spot will reportedly show celebrities squeezed into a phone box.

2″ by 1″

Size of an ad placed in an obscure Welsh newspaper last week by Catherine Zeta-Jones, congratulating her niece on her stellar college-exam scores. “Jenna Jones,” the headline reads. Copy states: “Congratulations to our loving niece Jenna on passing your 12 GCSEs.” It lists her grades, and is signed by Zeta-Jones, her husband, Michael Douglas, and their children, Dylan and Carys. Zeta Jones was born in Swansea, Wales, where she and her family are currently enjoying a low-key vacation, staying in a $3.5 million mansion they have had built in the fishing village of Mumbles.