Go Figure


Years that a new naming-rights deal will run, under which the old Boston Garden is becoming the TD Banknorth Garden. “I won’t use [that name], and I don’t know that anybody will,” one Bostonian bitched to the AP. “I never did call it FleetCenter. It will always be ‘The Garden.’ … But it should be spelled G-A-H-D-E-N, as in Boston Gah-den.” One banking analyst added: “Whatever Joe Lunchbox calls it, ‘The Garden’ or ‘TD Banknorth Garden,’ the name is going to be splashed over everything, and it’s going to be impossible to avoid. It’s really quite a coup for Banknorth.” The move comes after a whimsical month for the arena in which it sold a number of “naming rights for a day” on eBay.


People who signed up to design a Flash animation in the first 24 hours of the “Bush in 30 Years” contest, organized by MoveOn.org (yes, they’re back). The subtitle of the competition is: “A Flash Contest to Stop the Republican Social Security Scam.” (You can view official contest rules at www.Bushin30Years.org.) “The Republicans are running a $100 million public relations blitz to convince Americans to privatize Social Security. We know how to spot a trick when we see it, and we know that there is great talent out there just waiting to expose it,” said Laura Dawn, MoveOn.org cultural director.