Gillespie Gains a Partner

Unlike the entertainer with the same surname, Rose Dangerfield has earned respect.
Dangerfield returned to her former shop, The Gillespie Agency in Columbia, S.C., as vice president and partner last week, seven months after moving to crosstown rival C.C. Rigg’s.
Dangerfield had been at Gillespie for eight years, rising to vice president, but said she and agency founder and president Elaine Gillespie had “reached a saturation point with each other. I felt I’d done all that I could and she needed to take it to the next level.”
Gillespie said she had taken Dangerfield for granted.
“The dynamics of me owning the company all these years and doing all my own things, making all my own decisions, I took some of my [support] for granted,” Gillespie said. “All of a sudden, [when Dangerfield left] she yanked that out from under me. We were a really good team, [but] she had to leave for me to appreciate [it].”
Dangerfield re-turns to an agency that has grown in her absence. It recently retained Ducane Grills in a review for the client’s quadrupled ad budget. The shop has also hired a third account executive, Laura Lindsey. Office renovations are under way to accommodate additional staff hires.
“This is exactly what we needed, now that we’re in growth mode,” Gillespie said. “I’m excited about all the new opportunities.”