GGC Unveils New Stri-Dex Pads

The medicated anti-acne Stri-Dex pad is getting its own fresh face.

A new national ad campaign from Gardner Geary Coll backs a new alcohol-free version of the pad. The effort starts this month with a 15-second TV spot aimed at teen boys and girls. It will run through the second quarter of 2002 on cable networks catering to that audience.

Oak Brook, Ill.-based Blistex spent more than $7 million advertising the Stri-Dex brand in 2000 and $3 million through the first three months of this year, per CMR. Spending for the new campaign was not disclosed.

“What is unique about this product is that in the past, it has always had the alcohol, which stings [when applied],” said Brad Clark, general manager at the San Francisco shop. Stri-Dex is touting the product as the “first and only alcohol-free medicated pad.” The company says its competitors’ brands still contain alcohol in their formulations, with levels as high as 55 percent.

Although it is only a 15-second spot, Clark said it delivers a strong branding message with the new product formulation as a hook. In it, a teenage boy with medicated pad in hand is looking directly at the camera as though it were a bathroom mirror. He frets about using the potentially painful pad—prepping himself by muttering “You can do this” and then letting out a precautionary yelp of pain.

As he courageously brings the pad to his face, the voiceover says, “Good news. Now that Stri-Dex pads have no alcohol, you still get the same proven acne-fighting ingredients without the harsh experience.” After touching the pad to his skin, the boy says, “All right!”

The spot carries the tagline “Do more for your skin,” which Stri-Dex has been using for about a year.

“It reflects Stri-Dex’s ever-broadening product line,” said Clark. “Slowly but surely, [Stri-Dex] is introducing products that go beyond the pad treatment.”

This is the fourth new-product launch Gardner Geary Coll has done for Stri-Dex since winning the business in 1997. Recently launched Stri-Dex products include Foaming Wash, Facewipes to Go and Body Focus Shower Gel.

“The consistency in product advertising has enabled Stri-Dex to be viewed as a brand that understands teens,” said Brian Satre, category manager at Stri-Dex.