Getting Your Fill At The Pump

The announcement last November that EDS of Plano, Texas, was testing full-motion video commercials on ATM machines in 7-Eleven stores may have marked the beginning of the end of ad-free public space.
Now the technology–co-developed by EDS and Rio Network of Raleigh, N.C.–will be coming soon to a gas station near you. And possibly a casino. Or a shopping mall.
Sharron Quinn, president of VIM Inc./The Market Network in Houston, said her company is selling ad time on the EDS-owned machines and is also involved in marketing the system in other retail venues.
Already on board, Quinn said, is Greensboro, N.C.-based Gilbarco, a leading manufacturer of fuel dispensing equipment. Gilbarco is offering a gas pump with a built-in video screen. She said the “medium” is ideal for advertisers who want to reach people at the pump and encourage them to buy other products at the gas station.
“The world is literally our oyster,” Quinn said, adding that deals are also being pursued with shopping malls and grocery chains.
–Steve Krajewski