Gearon Unveils Giant Brain for Science Museum

A giant pink brain frolicking in a playground is the centerpiece of Gearon Hoffman’s first significant image effort for the Museum of Science.

In a TV spot, an actor dressed in a rubber brain costume races around a playground with his arms and legs sticking out, knee socks and sneakers clearly visible. The brain bumps into a slide, falls from a jungle gym, and plays on the teeter-totter and swings. The spot ends with the message, “Every brain needs a playground.” The tagline, “It’s alive!” from past efforts is retained.

“The museum likes to project [itself] as being a fun and exciting place, both for children and adults,” said Gearon Hoffman art director Richard Menard. The ad attempts to communicate that people get to use their brains at the museum, and can bounce between its 550-plus interactive exhibits much like children move between playground equipment, he said.

Gearon Hoffman, Boston, began working with the Boston client nearly three years ago, but this effort presented a new creative opportunity. “Since we’ve had the account, the television we’ve done for them has been mainly promoting one of the Omni movies by taking trailer footage of the movie,” Menard said.

While attendance at the museum has been strong, the decision to launch a campaign grew from a desire to “have people think of us always, not just when there’s an Everest [motion picture] or Leonardo da Vinci [exhibit],” said Cynthia Mackey, the museum’s vice president of marketing.

Ads are running in greater Boston on CBS affiliate WBZ-TV and on WCVB-TV, Boston’s ABC station.