games people play

HSR Business-to-Business is playing games with its clients.

The Cincinnati B2B shop developed an Internet game for Pall Corp. to advertise a new line of products.

The healthcare and industrial manufacturer in East Hills, N.Y., was looking for an engaging way to explain highly technical innovations in its products to customers.

HSR developed Arresting Evidence, a whodunit-type murder game, where players select evidence at a crime scene to take to a cyberspace lab to analyze using Pall products.

“It’s sneaking in product promotions in the guise of entertainment,” said Michael Hensley, president of the agency’s Internet Services.

Since most of Pall’s customers are cooped up in small lab rooms, playing a game to learn about a product they may potentially use acts as a fun release from the daily work grind, Hensley said.

Pall’s logo remains on the site and links to the company’s home page where customers can order the products.