‘Fruit Guys’ Croon Country Over Underwear

DALLAS Fruit of the Loom’s latest TV commercial featuring the “Fruit Guys” singing a mournful country ballad about underwear is designed to be true to the video genre that airs on Country Music Television, according to the spot’s creators at The Richards Group.

“We always keep the Fruit Guys as genuine and sincere as possible, then place them in very real-world scenes to create a fun visual juxtaposition,” said Diane Fannon, a principal at The Richards Group in Dallas. “For the country video spot, their performance was no different than that of Alan Jackson or Keith Urban; they just happen to be large pieces of fruit.”

The spot featuring “Apple” as lead singer of “You Can’t Over Love (Your Underwear)” broke recently on CMT and appears on the client’s Web site, fruit.com, the agency said.

The video opens on a dirt road. As a heartfelt country tune begins, song credits roll on the bottom left of the screen a la a music video. The scene cuts to a young boy gazing out a window at his father coming home from work when “Apple” belts out: “Daddy wears his T-shirt in the cold Kentucky rain.” That is followed by images of father and son in their underwear and other “Fruit Guys” with melancholy expressions as “Leaf” plays drums in the rain. The spot ends with the Fruit Guys walking in slow motion down a dirt road and disappearing as the song credits reappear.

The spot’s creative team from The Richards Group includes Ron Henderson, creative director and writer; Dennis Walker, creative and art director; and Sheri Cartwright, agency producer. With billings of more than $1 billion, Richards is one of the nation’s largest independent agencies.

Based in Bowling Green, Ky., Fruit of the Loom is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. The company also owns BVD brands.