Friend Of Bill

Blum Group principal Alan Blum received two interesting items from the White House recently: a cease-and-desist request and an invitation to an East Room reception.
In January, the White House asked Blum’s New York shop to kill a spot for Tracfone, citing a policy against using the chief executive’s image to tout products. The spot (shown here) uses President Clinton’s now-infamous finger-wagging denial of “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky. Tagged “Talk is cheap,” the spot also includes Richard Nixon’s assertion, “I am not a crook,” and George Bush’s famous pledge, “Read my lips–no new taxes.”
The shop, however, also produced a spot for something close to first lady Hillary’s heart: the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The purpose of last week’s event: to bow a Blum spot for the program, starring Hillary.
The Clintons did not link the Tracfone spot–which is still running–to the agency, so Blum avoided any awkward moments.
“It was bizarre,” he says. “The weird irony of it all was so striking.”
–Justin Dini