FLP Picks Zimmerman

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. Omnicom’s Zimmerman Advertising has leveraged its retail experience to add For Life Products to its roster.

First up for the agency here is a campaign touting the client’s Rejuvenate floor-restoring product. The polymer-based floor finish fills scratches and revives the wood’s natural sheen while also sealing and protecting it from further scratches and stains. It also works on ceramic tile, linoleum and laminate.

Projected national ad spending is $20 million, per Zimmerman.

That would be a considerable boost over client spending in the recent past. Per Nielsen Monitor-Plus, FLP spent slightly less than $2 million on ads in 2006, with that number dipping to $700,000 for all of ’07 and $600,000 for the first 10 months of ’08.

Said agency CEO Jordan Zimmerman: “We are strategic thinkers that see the success they already enjoy can spread out further. We have dedicated our business model to driving consumer behavior and creating a profitable cycle for our clients’ businesses.”